Astrological Combinations For Wealth…..

1) 11th lord well placed in Kendra and trikonas

2) Strong malefics in the 11th house give much wealth

3) Lagna lord , 2nd lord and 11th lord strong give much wealth

4) Lagna lord in Kendra ,10th lord in 4th house and 9th lord in 11th gives Raj yoga

5) Exchange or houses between lagna lord and 11th lord or exchange between 2nd and 11th lords gives much wealth aRnd property

6) 1st 2nd 9th 11th lords strong in Navamsa and strong in vargas , vaisseshkarma is combination for Millionaires

7) 11th lord in 2nd with 2nd lord

8) Combination of 9th 11th and 2nd lords gives much wealth

9) 11th house/11th lord in shubh kartari yoga

10) Disposition of 11th lord in shub kartari yoga or aspected by benefic planets

11) Lord of Navamsa occupied by 11th lord or a benefic aspected by lord of two

12) Drekkan of lord of 11th benefic and aspected by 10th lord

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